Chatuchak Weekend Market

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About Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok food stall

If you want an authentic shopping experience that is separate from the larger, more fashionable malls in Bangkok, we recommend attempting the Chatuchak Weekend Market!

It’s one of the largest markets on the weekends, and the vast size is the primary selling feature –The area covers 35 hectares and is worth a visit if you are interested in traveling to Bangkok.

Over 200,000 are visting the market every week and around 8,000 stalls. selling most of the things you want, as well as many things you didn’t realize you wanted, you can find items from wooden goods, antiques, Thai art to delicious food, local history, religious artifacts, hand crafted flowers, plants, and ceramic products. Don’t expect a quiet & peaceful trip around the market because over 220,000 people visit Chatuchak Market every weekend!

It’s extremely difficult to cover all of the stalls in one day, it’s best to check a map of the market prior to your visit, this will let you know which sections you want to explore! Don’t be fooled by the name – this may be the Chatuchak Weekend Market, but parts of the market are still accessible on weekdays as well. Having said this, the primary market that sells everything is only accessible on weekends. The official

Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok food stall


Opening Hours For The Market:

Starting Time

Wednesday and Thursday – Only plants and flowers, 6 am-6 pm.
Friday – Wholesale Day – 6:00am to 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday – Everything available it’s the main market operating days,- 6:00am to 6:00pm

What Is Your Budget For Shopping At The Local Market?

Chatuchak weekend market Bangkok food stall


Anything and everything you want can be purchased at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Are you attempting to find a singular, uncommon piece of art? There is a space for this ( Section 7 is exact). Will you need a new wardrobe before returning to your home? A section dedicated to it. One of the most effective methods of exploring this vast market is to enter the unknown with the desire of what it has to offer. If you attempt to purchase jewelry with the hope of finding clothing and accessories, it’s likely you’ll have difficulty locating the section. Getting confused is simple here, so take one of the free guides from one of the information tables. These diagrams delineate the locations of the sections as well as what is available there.

Tips On How To Navigate The Market:

Chatuchak-Weekend-Market-antiques map of the market

Each entrance is large and has a detailed map, we recommend that you take a picture of it before entering the labyrinth. Despite the sheer volume of content, everything here is organized well, with goods partitioned into zones. Since time will not allow you to observe everything, you will want to focus on the most important things. There are vendors of water, ATMS, and food that is located near the water’s source, so you will only need to bring small finances, sunscreen, comfortable clothing, and the ability to negotiate. At the conclusion of the day, enjoy a remarkable mojito paired with a fresh batch of mint and a sugarcane stick at Viva 8, a peculiar little venue that hosts house music during the evening.

Purchasing Items & Food Stalls:

If shopping isn’t your passion, be sure to explore the endless food vendors in the entire market. Chatuchak’s Weekend Market has a variety of desserts to choose from. Some of these desserts have included chocolate-fleshed bananas, crepes and brownies. The market is also associated with its numerous coconut ice cream stands, these are served in their own coconut. You can also incorporate multiple toppings, including nuts or fresh fruit syrup. If you do not enjoy ice cream, but like coconuts, be sure to locate the man with the machete that is selling them. He’s located near the primary entrance. If you can’t see him, just focus on his booming voice and listen for the words, “coconuts!”

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