The Taling Chan Floating Market

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About The Taling Chan Floating Market:

The Taling Chan Floating Market, or the Khlong Chak Phra, is an incredibly authentic and distinct floating market located in the heart of Bangkok. Situated a mere 12 kilometers from the city center, this market is more accessible when compared to other floating markets in the outskirts. Furthermore, you will be able to immerse yourself completely into Thai market culture and experience the essence of local life here. When on a market tour, you will come across various beautiful items that can be souvenirs and taste some great meals prepared with local recipes. If you would prefer, the market could also be combined with a Klong visit to an artist’s home at Khlong Bang Luang, which is secret knowledge and one of the wonderful aspects of Bangkok.

What to Expect:

Canal-side dining - Taling Chan Floating Market

We take you through this travel guide to our impressions and experiences of a perfect visit to the Taling Chan Floating Market in Bangkok. Meanwhile, we provide valuable tips on how to reach there, working hours, as well as why a boat ride to the Floating Market is without a doubt worthwhile. The entrance to the Taling Chan Floating Market may appear nondescript and covered by a green plastic roof, mainly used for shielding plant life and gardening supplies.

Interesting Things To See:

Grilled swimmer crab, freshwater prawns - Taling Chan Floating Market

It is only when one moves deeper into it that a genuine market-like environment emerges with a wide range of interesting delicacies such as sweets, fruits, or enjoyable snacks to be sampled. As you cross the bridge, the wooden boats docked on the riverbank come into sight. Some are grilling seafood on mini barbecues, while others are serving the delicious som tum (papaya salad) for customers enjoying their meals on wooden platforms and low tables.

By 11 am, many eateries will already be bustling with activity. Although the main section tends to get crowded, you’ll find smaller crowds as you move further away from the first few restaurants. Eating at Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market is a fun and local thing to do. A group of Thai traditional musicians usually plays for a couple of hours on weekends to make the whole experience even more enjoyable. A little further from the dining spot, you are surrounded by the constant flow of long-tail boats sailing on the river. In fact, you can try one of these boats and take a short excursion along adjacent canals.

Tips For Going To Taling Chan Floating Market:

Fruit and dessert stalls - Taling Chan Floating Market

This might be an interesting change to your trip, as you will see temples, people living by the waterside, maybe even giant monitor lizards on the boat journey. As soon as you have already covered the markets, it might be nice to relax in some natural coolness under the trees with a relaxing foot massage. An hour treatment will cost around 200 baht, which makes a nice afternoon treat if you can overlook the masseuses talking among themselves. Please ensure that you bring some cash when you visit Taling Chan Floating Market since these vendors do not accept cards and there are also no ATMs nearby.

Taling Chan Floating Market is a semi-rural market, where stalls are located both on land and in the water. After entering the floating market, there’s a roofed section, which mainly sells plants and gardening tools. As you continue walking along the path, you will come across an interesting stretch on the water featuring snacks, fruits, and local specialties. Since it is not so large, you can spend only half a day exploring it without rushing at all.
You can also find souvenirs to take back home with you here. And in case you get exhausted from walking around the market, you can have a relaxing Thai massage for only 200 baht in the shade of trees or be entertained by Thai music at the pavilion.


The Dishes In Taling Chan:

Vegetable stall - Taling Chan Floating Market

Taling Chan Floating Market is a great place for foodies as well as anyone looking to experience local culture. Both locals and tourists flock here to taste the mouth-watering dishes Taling Chan is famous for. Numerous stands and small restaurants cater to every palate. You’ll also find vendors on boats selling their unique delicacies. From baked bananas, pancakes, seafood, curries, Pad Thai to countless others; you name it, they have it all. Definitely don’t miss out on trying the freshly grilled fish while you’re here!
The experience of the taste, but also the ambiance of the water is absolutely one-of-a-kind! You sit very comfortably on a floating dock in the center of the river, you observe people bustling around the market, and naturally, there is an opportunity to capture great photos.


How To Get To The Floating Market:

Mussel omelette hawker - Taling Chan Floating Market

Taxis are the easiest way to get to Taling Chan Floating Market from almost anywhere in Bangkok. If you want to save some money, take the BTS Skytrain to Wongwian Yai station and then take a taxi to the floating market.

333 Chak Phra Rd, Khlong Chak Phra, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand

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