Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2025

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About Flower Festival Event In 2025

An event that occurs every year in Thailand is the Chiang Mai Flower Festival, held every first weekend of February in Chiang Mai. The lively festival displays the rich horticultural heritage of the city with floral decorations and flower sculptures showcased at a parade with floats decorated with flowers. In addition to cultural performances, beauty pageants and local food stalls take part, making it a festive atmosphere for locals as well as tourists. All these activities are concentrated mainly at Suan Buak Haad Park which serves as the focal point for all the

The festival takes place from February 7 to February 9.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival
FredTC, via Wikimedia Commons

Is The Festival Free?

The Festival will be in an open space that everyone can come and go whenever they want! The primary interest of this event is the showcase the flowers throughout the city and streets and public places. So the festival is completely free of charge which if you’re there is definitely worth going!


Why Is The Festival Being Celebrated?

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival is held to celebrate the splendor and richness of flowers that abound in the area— it’s much more than just an ordinary festival. It’s an event meant to show off all the flowers grown locally and promote the local floriculture and horticulture industries. The festival is organized as a display of various types of flowers and plants growing in Chiang Mai, where environmental conditions are favorable due to the fertile soil set in a tropical climate, however, it also signifies the conclusion of the cool season in this region.

Additionally, the festival aims to express the traditions of the ancient Lanna kingdom through festively decorated floats and traditional music and dance. However, these traditional dances and music are not the only things to be seen at the parade. Western influences have been incorporated into the festival, and you can now also see marching drum bands and American-style cheerleading dances.


Chiang Mai Flower Festival


Where Is The Flower Festival Located?

The Chiang Mai Flower Festival happens in different places across the city but most activities are focused in one area of Nong Buak Haad Public Park which can be found at the southwestern part within the old city.

On Friday, you can visit an agricultural fare but the real festivities start on Saturday when the parade is held. The parade starts at the Nawarat Bridge and winds through the city streets, via Thapae Road, Kotchasarn Road, Changlor Road, and then to Arak Road ending at the Nong Buak Haad Public Park near the Chiang Mai Municipality Office.

Additionally, there are cultural performances and food and craft vendors set up along the parade route and in various locations throughout the city, for example at Tha Pae Gate.


Chiang Mai Flower Festival

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