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The land of smiles, Thailand is a country that has preserved its cultural uniqueness even though it attracts alot of tourists year after year. From sandy seashores to lush jungles, from timeless monasteries to vibrant coral reefs, from peace-loving monks to bustling floating markets, and eventually from succulent dishes suffused with exotic spices that will satiate your taste buds – everything you can imagine is right here! However, first we have to find out how to get into all these amazing places by finding out the transportation and how to get around Thailand.

As we continue our discussion of Thailand and its tourist facilities, one cannot fail to mention the numerous low-cost yet diversified transportation options that ensure moving around the city as well as visiting other regions within the country. In particular, rural areas use bicycles or motorbikes, but when it comes to cities and towns, buses are popularly used. With this in mind, let us guide you through some interesting forms of transportation in Thailand.


tuk-tuk in thailand bangkok city

Tuk-tuk is a 3-wheeler and can hold at least 2-3 passengers and take you to short distances within cities. Among other local means of transport, the tuk-tuk is one that catches the attention of tourists as it is indigenous to Thailand. 

More than 37,000 tuk-tuks are found running on streets in Thai cities (mainly Bangkok but also found in other cities), which have fares ranging from about 80 Baht up to around 400 Baht. It should be noted that you will need to negotiate a price with the driver since tuk-tuks do not have a meter as most taxis and motorbikes do. Therefore, if you don’t bargain well, a ride on a tuk-tuk can be expensive.

Things to notice when taking a Tuk-tuk:

  • Stay Alert for Thieves: It’s important to stay vigilant for thieves in Bangkok, Thailand, while taking a Tuk-tuk. Keep your belongings secure. Stay attentive!
  • Compare Costs: At times Tuk-tuks may end up costing more than taxis, so it’s advisable to explore all your options and compare their prices before booking a ride.
  • Beware of Scams: There’s always a risk of falling prey to scams when dealing with drivers who might try to overcharge passengers after receiving their share.
  • Master the Art of Haggling: In Thailand, negotiating the fare for a Tuk-tuk ride is a skill worth honing as it’s a part of using this means of transportation! Before getting into a Tuk-tuk, negotiate smartly. Settle on a price since there isn’t a fixed rate for this type of journey.


Thailand Taxis In Traffic

A very practical and at the same time cheap means of transport in Thailand when you want to move between short distances is a taxi. If you need a little relief from Bangkok’s heat and an air-conditioned mode of travel at a lower price, then taking the taxi would be more appropriate.

However, there are instances when people prefer using motorcycle taxis because they are much faster, especially during traffic congestion situations, and also not to mention, more cheap.

In Thailand, there can be significant differences in taxi fares because there is no use of the meter system, and taxi drivers normally decide their prices without any fixed point.

One of the things you can do before you take a taxi, make sure that it has a meter in it, and ask the driver to you only willing to drive if he openes the meter. Also, Thailand’s taxi fares are as follows: Prices of the services begin at 35 Baht and increase with each kilometer by 40 Baht. If you are caught in a traffic jam, the speed meter measures only 2 Baht per minute.

Motorcycle Taxi Driver

Motorcyle taxi driver in thailand
ILO Asia-Pacific,

For a traveler who is not afraid of the climate change and does not carry heavy luggage, altough it is still possible to take the motorcycle taxi with an heavy luggage the motorcycle taxi might be an excellent option. In Thailand, except for some regions, you will be able to travel almost everywhere.

The price is always determined by how far you ride.
There are several important factors to consider when you taking a motorcycle taxi in Thailand.

One of them is the distance that you will cover, which can be quite short; therefore, the price estimates can be found within 20-100 THB.

Secondly, drivers know their way around the city pretty well, so there is not a great possibility that you end up somewhere completely different from where you wanted to go. Lastly, two people can use such motorbikes, and they will not have large differences in their rates either.

Thirdly, you can use numerous different apps that will allow you to order motorcycle taxi without getting ripped off since it’s a fixed price based on travel distance and traffic and keep in mind that it’s fairly cheap as well. The apps you could use is:

  1. Grab
  2. Bold
  3. In Drive


These are the most common apps you can use while travelling through thailand.

BTS Sky Train

BTS Skytrain leaving asoke
Uwe Schwarzbach,

Traveling by the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS) Skytrain provides a unique elevated railway experience for people who have grown tired of battling Bangkok traffic each day. This is also one of the cheapest and fastest ways to get around Bangkok since you would bypass the jammed streets.

When you are about to board a train from Bangkok BTS Skytrain, there are some factors which you need to bear in mind:

The train is available for travel between 5:00 AM and 12:00AM during weekdays. It costs very little and it is safe to say that it is a fast as well as reliable method of transport that can take you almost anywhere in the city.

This elevated rail system integrates the Sukhumvit line and Silom line, making possible access to the popular tourist attractions and important spots in Bangkok, with around thirty-two stations.

One problem about the Skytrain is that although it is a cheap travel option, at weekdays, it becomes crowded, and also one of its drawbacks is that not all parts of Bangkok are served by this public transport.

The Airport link trains start from 6 AM to 12 AM. The BTS system includes two lines: The Sukhumvit Line starts from the north at Mo Chit and goes all the way down to Samrong.

It goes through key locations like Victory Monument, Siam, which is the Central Station, Nana, Asok, and all other stations on Sukhumvit Road.

To cite some additional information, we should add that two of the lines are described in great detail, namely the Silom Line and the Sukhumvit Line, which have their terminal stations at the National Stadium and the Bang Wa in Thonburi, respectively.

If you are in Bangkok and want to know about the fare rates of MRT, BTS, or Airport Express Link, the good news is that all fares are predetermined and they follow a standard pattern. Moreover, if you go near a ticket machine, it will have all fare rates along with its destination.

MRT Bangkok Subway

Bangkok MRT People in Train

The MRT subway, also known as the Blue Line, is a subway network covering various areas in Bangkok that cannot be reached by the light rail.

Things to note when taking the train from the Bangkok MRT subway:

The rail system has 18 stations, and planning to increase in the future providing affordable and fast travel options without causing traffic congestion on the roads.

The train operates 7 days a week  from 6:00 am to midnight.

Both BTS and MRT subways have made great contributions to improving Bangkok’s traffic conditions.

Major MRT stations include the airport, Chatuchak Market and Sukhumvit Road.

The Airport Railway consists of just one line connecting the city to the airport.


Thailand Buses colorful bus
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Bangkok provides the largest bus service system in the country, offering a variety of air-conditioned VIP buses for long-distance travel and non-air conditioned government buses for short routes.

Some things to remember before boarding a bus are as follows:
Bus services are also available in small towns and cities, connecting to other cities, towns, and popular tourist areas.

Buses are very affordable and cheap throughout all Thailand Additionally, air-conditioned private buses provide a cheaper yet luxurious alternative to flights and trains. For short distances, government buses can serve as inexpensive and convenient transportation options instead of taxis or motorbike taxis.


thailand train
Chaowanon J,

Even though rail transportation does not cover all of Thailand destinations, this quite a fast way of transportation within Thailand will bring satisfaction and convenience to all customers, the trains have 3rd 2nd, first class.

The Eastern Railway Line goes along the border with Cambodia from Bangkok and runs all the way through Phnom Penh.

Another side branches out to coastal cities such as Pattaya. Chiang Mai lies directly on the North Line while the Western Line covers most of Nam Tok, with the Southern line going towards Malaysia. Hua Lamphong Railway Station in Bangkok serves as a hub for train journeys across the country.

When you decide to travel by train in Thailand, there are several things to consider. The first class is rather more expensive than a budget flight ticket, but it provides a very luxurious experience for the passengers because there is air conditioning in the cabin and two beds to sleep on.

The second class, although not as high standard as the first, is cheaper and more affordable, which is good if you do not want to spend so much money on a ticket. The third class is the least expensive among all three classes.

However, for short distances, the third class can be a more convenient option since these journeys do not last very long anyway.

An important point here is that train tickets tend to get sold out frequently over the weekends, which means that making your booking well ahead could save some hassle while traveling.

Songthaew Taxi

Abdul Rahman,

Songthaew in Thailand has been modified like a mini truck for seating people. If you are looking for an affordable but safe way to travel around Thailand, then a songthaew is perhaps your best bet.

It comprises two rows of seats, and there’s still some space at the rear which allows people to stand while holding onto it.

Here are some considerations to bear in mind if you intend to take a songthaew while in Thailand: Buzzers are available on the roof which can be pressed to stop the vehicle once you have reached your destination.

Prices start and finish at 10-40 THB for traveling from one location to another. In case you need quick transport, it is preferable not to use a songthaew as it can be quite slow.


thailand airplane thai air

With six international airports and twenty-three domestic ones, Thailand provides an outstanding flight experience. The Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok is often called the travel hub as it has easy connections to many popular destinations by both international and domestic flights.

When selecting flights as a mode of travel, there are certain aspects you should consider such as these: If your destination is a local tourist spot like an island or other attractions within the country, then the Thai Airlines, which are also referred to as the national airlines in Thailand, would likely be directed there. If it is not so popular and busy a place, Bangkok Airlines would be best because they cover different parts of Thailand from Chiang Mai in the South to Phuket in the North, which can be reached in just a one-hour flight.
The flight cost is much cheaper than the land one offered by low-cost airline Air Asia that serves passengers on their trips to South-East Asia and popular European locations. But still, compared with buses or even trains, the air travel industry is quite pricey. So, before boarding a plane, have some spare cash handy.

Here are the 9 modes of transportation in Thailand that are going to enhance your trip and make it an enjoyable adventure.