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Why Thailand Is So Popular Among Toursits

There is a cause for why Thailand is a popular vacation destination for many travelers. With the spectacular tropical beauty, the ancient temples, ofcourse we cannot forget about the food scene and the nightlife that almost no other country can offer the same vibrant nightlife, Thailand has a fascinating charm that draws people from all over the world. The nation is also called the Land of Smiles for a reason, and it never fails, So what’s the most Popular destinations you should visit in Thailand

1. Bangkok

thailand big temple bangkok

Bangkok’s personality is a difficult one to define for travelers. Many newcomers view the city as a fascinating blend of the past and the present. The capital of Thailand is home to both ancient temples and modern shopping malls, where Buddhist monks and regulars of Patpong (Bangkok’s red light district) share the bustling streets.

 This contrast creates an exhilarating yet somewhat chaotic atmosphere. Navigating Bangkok’s dynamic environment requires a significant amount of energy. The consistently hot weather and persistent crowds can be overwhelming for unprepared visitors. It may seem like the city is overflowing with everything, from humidity to humanity, but it is this abundance of exotic experiences that captivates travelers.

The World Meteorological Organization states that Bangkok is the city with the highest temperature on Earth. The average temperature of the air throughout the year is 29°C, but this increases to 35°C during the March-May period. That would account for the stain on sweat!

The most beneficial time of year to visit Bangkok is during November-February, when the city has a more chillier climate and a more azulous sky. The sole issue is that everyone else shares the same concept.

2. Pattaya


Located on the southern coast of the Gulf of Thailand, in close proximity to Bangkok city and well-known as the “City That Never Sleeps,” Pattaya has evolved into a bustling and vibrant nightlife destination.

It is a fact that Pattaya is sometimes portrayed as a place that is infamously seedy due to the numerous massage parlors and go-go bars which grace the city’s downtown; however, there are many other things you can do here.

Stay clear of the walking streets and instead opt for Pattaya’s beaches; you can find numerous water sports, beach bars, waterfront cafes, and other activities along Pattaya Beach. Furthermore, it offers stunning sunsets and is conveniently located near upscale shopping centers, fine dining establishments, vibrant nightclubs, and luxurious hotels.

For a peaceful setting, you can choose to stay in Pattaya South, specifically the Jomtien Beach area where you will find many expats and a calm sandy stretch used mostly for snorkeling and diving excursions to neighboring islands like Ko Lan and Ko Khrok.

In Pattaya you can find many attractions such as the Sanctuary of Truth Museum, which is made entirely of wood and completely handmade! Which are still continuing construction after 42 years, and many other attractions worth visiting.

3. Chiang Mai

Low angle view of pagoda against sky Wat-Phra-That-Doi-Suthep

Second to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, is typically followed by the northern city of Chiang Mai. Many travelers also prefer Chiang Mai to Bangkok because of its slower pace of life. The incredible city is overflowing with temples (Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is essential) and noise-causing restaurants and bars parties and vibrant nightlife.

The Chiang Mai method of cooking is ideal for couples who enjoy food. Even if they aren’t food experts, a cooking class is still an ideal way to spend time with each other in a positive way. Chiang Mai has over 300 dedicated Buddhistemples that are highly prized. Those who enjoy history and beautiful architecture should take a break and enjoy these historic beauties.

The once rich capital of the 700-year-old Lanna Kingdom, Chiang Mai is an ancient city with a well balanced mixture of the simple north, incredible mountains, and a variety of historically significant architecture and endeavors that you will want to explore.

4. Pai

pai thailand bridge

Located in north of Thailand next to Chiang Mai (3 hours drive), Pai is a scenic town that is situated in a small valley. Pai is a scenic locale for couples who want to holiday apart from the hectic schedule of major cities in Thailand. Pai is also great for backpackers and travelers who enjoy friendly encounters, meeting new people and enjoying lively parties. 

Pai also has numerous karaoke bars. Filled with luxuriant green fields, Pai is most easily accessed either by walking or by biking. This village is endowed with natural healing springs, beautiful waterfalls, traditional religious sites and a lot more to behold. 

For the couples who want to spend their honeymoon or traveles and backpackers. The place that has a beautiful mountain view and enjoyable weather, Pai is a great place to consider.

5. Chiang Rai

chiang rai famous white temple

Also in north of Thailand next to Chiang Mai (3 hours drive), Chiang Rai is another must-see province in Northern Thailand that appears to have a peaceful and inactive reputation, but it has a lot to offer that is beyond what it appears.

To begin with, in Chiang Rai, you have one of the most elegant and artistically built temples in the nation, which is the White Temple. Its exterior is entirely white, with every part featuring intricate sculptures made of glass. It’s an experience of visiting a temple like no other.

At a convenient distance, there are the Blue Temple and Wat Huay Pla Kang, where you can admire the stunning Guanyin Statue. You will also come across Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan decorated with its beautiful colorful statues.

6. Phuket

phuket island ocean view

One other place that you must consider visiting when in Thailand is Phuket. It is known globally for its beautiful and unpolluted beaches like Kata Noi Beach, Nai Harn Beach, and Surin Beach. The destination also has a spiritual side to it. Located on top of Nakkerd Hill is the largest Buddha temple called Wat Chalong.

It’s a large island territory and contains numerous islands in the western part of the country. Also covered in the scenic beauty of the beach with a variety of luxurious accommodations, including beach bungalows, private rooms and traditional cabins. These beaches are overflowing with popular nightlife and shopping centers. Those who want to spend their time with recreational activities can also visit golf courses, historical museums, and monuments.

Phuket is the paradise for luxury vacationers. Travelers appreciate the classy accommodations and the superior Asian nightlife in the South East Asia region. Phuket is also considered a popular destination for business travelers, Backpackers, and those who want to find an ideal location for their bachelor or bachelorette celebration. The busy streets of Phuket are dedicated to life on a 24/7 basis, the party never ends there. Those who want some pampering can also take time to relax at the spa hotels located around the numerous beaches.

7. Krabi

railay beach krabi boats ocean

On the southwest coast of Thailand, Krabi is the city and also the province’s name where it stands. It is primarily a tourist destination, albeit one that offers fine markets, shops, and bars. However, it plays a great role in serving as a reliable point of interest for the neighboring attractions. 

Pak Nam, the river of the city, is a quiet and serene place where people can go for a walk to observe how the locals do their day-to-day life, though the most famous tourist attraction is the Tiger Cave Temple that is about thirty minutes away from downtown and you get to see in it this gigantic gold Buddha as well as panoramic views. 

Additionally, in Krabi, you can go for boating trips into thick mangrove forests or use the impressive beaches in Railay as a resting point or swim in the Emerald Pool, which is rich with minerals. The destination is highly recommended for families and couples.

8. Koh Samui

beach sea ocean vacation island thailand 743003

Ko Samui is home to five-star resorts, bustling nightlife, and Thailand’s finest beaches, making it a destination where everyone can find something they love. Apart from lying on the sand and sipping cocktails, spoil yourself with an extravagant spa experience, spend time at an elephant sanctuary, or marvel at ancient Buddhist temples such as Wat Plai Laem and Wat Phra Yai (The Big Buddha Temple). When you plan your stay, don’t forget to set aside a day for a trip to Ang Thong Marine Park, a marine archipelago with 42 islands reachable by speedboat. Here, travelers can experience kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving in clear waters rich with marine life.

Though Nathon is Koh Samui’s capital, this town lacks a city atmosphere since it is not very large and seldomly visited yet has lots of attractions. The shopping in Nathon is great with many small local shops selling various goods, including fabrics, souvenirs, and clothes which are cheaper and can be a lifesaver if you left your belongings behind at home!

The Koh Samui major port of Nathon provides the area with ample seafood that will be some of the freshest you’ve ever tasted if you choose to explore one of the many markets. Additionally, be sure to take a stroll among the old Chinese shophouses and visit landmarks like Hainan Temple and Wat Chaeng, as well as Hin Lad waterfall, which is just a short distance from town.

9. Koh Phangan

kophangan island beach

Ko Phangan is an unpolluted island to the east of Thailand. Ko Phangan resort is a lovely place where you can stay if you are planning to visit Ko Samui and Ko Tao at the same time. The backpacking world is familiar with this island, known as a paradise that tourists from all over the world come to experience the beauty of. Much of Ko Phangan consists of dense rainforests and steep hills that are ideal destinations for adventurers who enjoy hiking.

Located at the core of the island is an there is an event known as the Full Moon Party that caters to travelers & party enthusiasts from various locations of the world, which takes place every month. It is one of Thailand’s famous beaches and serves as a party hub for party lovers. In addition, it sees over 20,000 revelers making merry on its shores during New Year celebrations. Alongside full moon parties, the island also organizes half-moon and black moon parties. Don’t miss out on trying their cocktails that you won’t find anywhere else in the region!