11 Apps You Need To Use In Thailand

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Importance Of Using Apps In Thailand

Have you ever wished to spend a holiday in Thailand, walking through beautiful landscapes, enjoying the spicy street food, or understanding its rich history and colorful culture?
You are not alone if you are faced with the same dilemma. But, be realistic — it is difficult to find your way in a foreign country, especially when you have just arrived there for the first time.
How can this headache, provoked by travel, be treated?

Well It’s simple.. With the right Apps of course!


grab app logo icon green background and line texted logo


Grab, similar to the Uber app, is a taxi app that facilitates fast and easy transportation without a pre-arranged reservation. Also, Grab provides a variety of transportation options including taxis, personal vehicles, motorcycles, and delivery services. All you have to do is choose the starting point and final destination, this application will calculate the distance, expected time and estimated cost, and you will only have to wait for your taxi to arrive and take you to your intended destination.

With the delivery service feature, you can order food, fields, and even large or heavy items from nearby restaurants or stores. Using Grab is simple, you can pay for your ride in cash or with a credit card, and you will receive an email with a receipt for the trip every time you use the app. Also, the Grab app in Thailand is also compatible with English, and you don’t have to concern yourself with the language. There is a texting area for communicating with the driver, the message will be automatically converted into English and Thai.


Bold logo app white text with green background

The app called Bolt that works on mobile platforms for booking quick and easy rides. All you have to do is get the app on your smartphone, sign up, and you can go wherever you want to whenever you need to hail a ride. Bolt is an advanced navigation solution that allows you to move around the city without using traditional taxis. All of these mobile ride-hailing apps function very similarly.

When the app is downloaded and opened, a user logs in with their account details, at which point they are redirected to the main interface. On this interface, the client can input where they currently are and where they want to be transported to.

In turn, Bolt starts searching for the closest driver available who will then drive the customer and deliver them safely to their desired location. Meanwhile, cashless payments eliminate any difficulties in using this software-based service, ensuring an undemanding and comfortable experience.


12goasia app

If you travel alot and already planning your next trip around Thailand, I would highly recommend 12Go Asia. The best one-stop-shop for all your transportation needs, whether it be flights, buses, or ferries that you can book with just a click. You don’t need to worry about its reliability as this company working with well over 500 transport operators ensuring you’ll always find the best option for your trip! Moreover, it boasts a transparent booking system and customer service that speaks more than 15 languages; in addition, it uses eco-friendly e-tickets so that the way we travel could be both simple and sustainable. Now you will not have to worry about handling many bookings  from plenty of apps, you can just use 12GoAsia.



thaifriendly app white gradient background with the word F and Heart

Are you Interested in meeting any new Thai friends?
ThaiFriendly is a popular app for dating with Thai people. But even if you don’t want any romance, it can be a good source of meeting friends and finding cool local places to go out.

It is my habit to say, “If the Thais do it, I do it.” (My girlfriend knows this well.) Therefore, you could make new friends in Thailand the way Thai people would. When you use ThaiFriendly, you are not a tourist anymore – you become like one of the Thai people.

Not only to find a date but to see life in Thailand through the eyes of Thai people. And who knows, maybe your trip boy or girl will become your best friend for the rest of your life?
Try to download the app and give it a shot!

In Drive

in drive app logo

InDrive is an advanced, free ride-hailing platform that does not offer surge charges. It’s all up to you to set your own price and select your driver – no algorithms involved! Unlike other applications, the pricing is not based on time and distance. You mutually agree on a fair price with the driver before starting the trip.


line app thailand

You may believe that Whatsapp & Facebook Messenger are the most popular apps for chatting, but this isn’t necessarily the case in Thailand. Line Application is more important and is used by all the locals to communicate via instant messages.

Line is a simple app that requires only your cell phone’s internet connection in order to communicate with friends and family. Many Thais utilize Line as their primary method of communication in order to maintain contact with everyone, this will simplify the process of communicating with your new friends in Thailand.

Google Maps

google map app logo icon

Everyone who uses the app must have used it at one point or another. And no matter where you are on Earth, Google Maps is your most trusted friend.
And in Thailand? It’s a lifesaver.

With precise directions, a street map, and local business information, you will never have to feel confused.
Now, imagine this – you’ve reached the frenetic city of Bangkok. The noise, the light, the smell… It’s a blurring of the senses. But you must reach your hotel.Fast. Without the hassle of having to haggle with a taxi driver, reading street signs, or, worst case, getting confused.

What are you attempting?
Open Google Maps and choose your destination, all will be easy. You’re at home free.
A necessity that is present in every part of the world, especially when traveling in Thailand, is Google Maps. (The most beneficial aspect is that it is completely free to utilize!)


Airvisual app logo, men wearing a mask with blue background

Air Visual is a helpful app for anyone who is concerned with their health. As the environmental standards in Thailand are relatively low, occasionally the polluted air covers the entire city, particularly in areas like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. The app is intended to be simple to utilize, with specific information regarding pollution and a division into colors that correspond to the quality of air. This app will assist you in comprehending the surroundings and taking appropriate action in order to be safe.


food panda logo with panda and purple background

Are you hungry and lazy to go outside?

It’s time to order food from Foodpanda, one of the most popular food delivery app along with Grab & Lineman. Additionally, they serve food from various local restaurants.Tasty!

Imagine this: you are lounging in your hotel room after a long day of traveling to explore the incredible & beautiful Thailand. Your stomach’s grumbling, but the concept of stepping away and going outside seems to be as attractive as doing laundry for the third time in a day. Not something you enjoy, is it?

Foodpanda is here to rescue the day.

This wonderful app provides you with whatever flavored Thai & Western food you want, right in your front door. From spicy Papaya salad to comforting Pad Thai, it has it all. And the most beneficial aspect? You may not need to wear pants in order to receive your food (but I advise you to). Additionally, you can pay with cash or a credit card, so you are prepared for whatever you choose.

Now isn’t that helpful?

However, Foodpanda is of crucial importance when traveling through Thailand. From Bangkok and Chiang Mai, you can travel to the southern part of Phuket. You will find it there. On your next trip to Thailand, do something nice for yourself and download Foodpanda.


lazada app thailand

Lazada Thailand is a company that operates in Southeast Asia as an ecommerce platform, it provides a variety of product types, including fashion, lifestyle, electronics and grocery brands. If you ever want to order something from your apartment or hotel in Thailand, you can do so by ordering with Lazada, this is similar to Amazon in that regard. Additionally, Lazada has a high quality products for cheap prices, similar to Aliexpress.


wongai app logo orange message bubble with blue background

Are you aware of Wongnai, an app that serves as a personal foodie tour guide in Thailand. It can locate more than 250,000 restaurants for you. This is definitely a choice! Due to authentic user reviews, you will discover all the information about dining places around. No longer do you have to wonder if that pad Thai dish is worth it or not.

Moreover, guess what: with this application, you also get a chance to share your food journey with the world! Have a photo of the amazingly delicious meal and see how many likes come towards it. Furthermore, there are plenty of other reasons to consider Wongnai – it’s not only about food but also beauty services for every woman who needs them. Wongnai will take care of your needs from head to toe: their selection of beauty services, including fabulous spas, is unparalleled.

Think of them as your personal beautician. Therefore, why put up with average dining experiences or unsatisfactory pampering sessions elsewhere if you can enjoy the best with Wongnai.

XE Currency

xe currency convertor app

The choice of XE Currency app is the best you can make if the situation with exchange rates calls for immediate and detailed analysis, as this program is quick to establish precise evaluations. Goodbye to thinking about calculating! All you have to do is push a button on this handy app, and presto! The number of Thai bahts per dollar magically appears.

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