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About Fisherman’s Village

One of the most interesting events to witness in this small, peaceful town of Bophut is the Fisherman’s Village walking street, which takes place every Friday. From 5pm till 11pm, it transforms into an active bustling market. Stretched along narrow Beach Road and adjoining streets, there are hordes of stalls filled with vendors selling products at cheap rates, attracting locals as well as tourists from all over Koh Samui.

The vendors at the Fisherman’s Village walking street offer various items commonly found in Thai markets like 100-baht T-shirts, costume jewelry, purses, sunglasses, and even beer holders. However, you can also buy traditional souvenirs, watches with defective mechanisms, fake branded clothes, or electrical appliances here. As with any market shopping in Thailand, it is essential to make an informed decision and know what quality to expect before purchasing.

Once a strong fishing community, Fisherman’s Village in Bophut is now a highly pedestrianized area, full of old buildings converted into cozy eateries, shops, beach bars, and hotels. Many restaurants offer seafood delicacies prepared both locally and internationally. On the evening market days when various food stalls gather together to serve cocktails, sweets, or street food from different parts of the world, you should not miss it. If you’re looking for a classic Thai stir-fry with homemade coconut ice cream, then definitely find yourself here. Don’t forget to check out the handicrafts and souvenirs as well – lovely beach kaftans made of soft materials or bowls carved from coconuts will be really good mementos for your friends.


What To Expect From Fisherman’s Village:

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Most of the structures are open towards the rear, revealing panoramic views of the sea leading to Koh Phangan; they mainly consist of restaurants with tables set on the sand nearby. Inevitably, many are Thai seafood specialties, but you will also find a vast range of Western and international options, also including some bars

The Fisherman’s Village Samui, with its laid-back atmosphere and abundance of boutique shopping, dining, accommodation choices, is one of the most loved destinations. It has a special appeal for those on a low budget as well as couples and older travelers who prefer not to stay in the busy Chaweng area. The main road with its charming wooden shops is a sight in itself regardless of what time you visit, but it takes on an added allure at dusk when lit up by romantic lanterns.




Some Things To Notice


Bophut Fisherman's Village (Koh Samui)

The Fisherman’s Village Samui encompasses a few archways that can be identified as the entrances, but this area is primarily delineated by Bophut Beach Road and the nearby lanes. The territory begins from its most far easterly point at the intersection of the road and route 4171 to the Wharf Samui on the western end.

On Bophut Beach Road, cars are allowed to move, at least most of the time (with Fridays being an exception), though it is strictly one-way and hardly a car’s width in some stretches.

Putting aside that all of the Walking Street markets have a large number of vendors displaying their products, there are some items at Bophut Market that cannot be found in other areas. To reach the market, park your car on the main road near PTT garage and walk into the village using a middle road. Along both sides of the street are rows upon rows of vendors who converge towards the sea. Notably, there is a roundabout which turns into a beer garden on Fridays about halfway through your journey.

With the turn of another week, the noise and sights to behold at this buzzing hotspot of 60 baht cocktails and loud music are well worth a visit. At this location,  seating is available for you to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, taking in the lively market atmosphere with its splashes of colors, musical notes, and culinary whiffs. In case you haven’t reached that roundabout yet, there is one more spot you could halt at – Big Mama’s – sipping on their refreshing drinks while being serenaded by live music performances.



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